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About Me

My Mission

 ” Aloha, I’m a culinary enthusiast on a mission to support the people of this planet with my probiotic cultured veggies, (made with love) and to share my knowledge of better digestive health.”

My personal story

 My journey to attaining radiant health began in my early 20s after entering massage school and realizing that I had digestive issues as young as five years old.

 While in massage school I was inspired to experience the best health possible, being that I was learning so much about our  extraordinary bodies and how they functions.

 During that time, I found a Doctor who is   a trained MD and Natural Path Doctor. After all of the tests results came back that the doctor had ordered, I realized my health was far from radiant.

  It turns out I had death levels of heavy-metal poisoning from the amalgams  (mercury fillings) that many of my molars where filled with. And from the copious amounts of canned tuna that I had eaten as a child.  My health issues were many; I suffered from Candida, which is a systemic yeast infection that was effecting my entire body, I had severe constipation and eczema, a skin condition.  Let’s just say my health was a mess. And I felt it!


 While working as a  licensed Massage Therapist at a five-star resort on the island of Maui for 20 years, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow colleague that was into eating the Body Ecology Diet  created Donna Gates.

The Body Ecology Diet is a gluten-free, dairy free and sugar-free diet which incorporates fermented foods that have been fermented with a probiotic culture starter and are eaten ideally with each meal. 

 This way of eating completely cured me of all digestive issues. Which was the catalyst for me to write my book “Digestive Dilemmas no more” and then to create a unique sauerkraut company  for the community to assist  people to have a  “Happy Belly” and therefore a happier planet. 

Digestive Dilemmas No More

                                Do you suffer from digestive issues? Are you embarrassed to talk about your bathroom habits? Are you ready for change? If you said yes, To any of these questions then this book is for you. The author shares with you her methods on how she went from severe/ chronic constipation, to now being a “SMOOTH MOVER”.

You are taken on a journey through the fascinating world of digestion, given easy tips on how to address issues like chronic constipation and diarrhea. You will discover many facets on how to have a healthy bowel movement. The methods and recipes that you will learn can be easily applied to anyone. This is an important message that can benefit everyone!