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These are the questions that are most frequently asked at the farmers market.

Consider sauerkraut the ultimate condiment. 

 Just add 1 tablespoon to each meal and make sure to not heat sauerkraut over 98.6 which is our body temperature, for it will destroy all of the beneficial bacteria. 

Sauerkraut can help with digestion because it has natural digestive enzymes to help break down and digest food. And when consuming probiotics in a food  form, the probiotics are able to reach the  entire digestive tract.

Yes, in fact eating this style of sauerkraut, where a probiotic cultures starter has been introduced into the fermentation process will benefit you and the child.

Yes, even young children are in need of beneficial bacteria in their systems. 

Most sauerkrauts are wild ferment. Meaning they rely on salt for the fermentation process. Our sauerkraut is a controlled ferment, meaning we rely on the probiotic strains for the fermentation process. 

Whether you are a vegetarian or meat eater, our sauerkraut varieties will complement any meal.

  1. Gourmet gold ~ sweet pineapple with ginger and turmeric, pairs well with most vegetables, salads roasted vegetables, rice bowls or  just by itself.  It is delicious with fish, chicken, or pork. 
  1. Righteous Red ~  Savory and mildly spicy with caraway seeds.  Pairs well with eggs any style, soups, salads or pasta. Vegetables any style and assorted meats.  Add to your favorite salsa and have salsa, chips and guacamole. 
  1. Hot Pink ~  Our our version of a kimchi, a spicy, garlicky, onion, ginger delight.  Pairs well with any stirfries dishes, avocado toast , soups & salads. And of course any kind of meat, fish and poultry you fancy!  
  1. Softly Silver ~  is our traditional sauerkraut. It is simply organic cabbage and salt. It’s nostalgic for most people who grow up eating Eastern European style sauerkraut. It pairs well with sandwiches, sausages, guacamole, salsa and just by itself. 

 That’s all for now thank you so much.